Practice Areas

Antitrust Enforcement

The last several years have seen a significant uptick in antitrust enforcement by federal regulators and law enforcement, and we anticipate that this aggressive enforcement will continue. Investigations under the antitrust statutes typically allege price fixing, bid rigging or customer allocation agreements in violation of the U.S. Sherman Act or international law. We have been involved in several high profile cases that were investigated by the DOJ Antitrust Division in connection with alleged monopolistic conduct by international companies. These cases are often related to class-action civil litigation brought by civil plaintiffs’ counsel. Many times international regulatory agencies are also involved in parallel proceedings with their U.S. counterparts. These agencies conduct reviews of complex commercial transactions for compliance. We have represented individuals in all phases of antitrust litigation—civil and criminal. Often this involves building a close relationship with defense lawyers for the company and developing a robust and credible joint defense. We recently convinced DOJ prosecutors not to bring charges against a foreign client who was under investigation for antitrust violations.