Practice Areas

Civil Contract And Alleged Fraud Disputes

We represent individuals and businesses in a broad array of contract disputes, many of which allege fraudulent misconduct. Our cases run the gamut from financial fraud allegations brought by investors who have been misled to the purported genuineness of rare works of art. We have litigated these cases in Florida and Manhattan federal courts. Many civil litigation attorneys have little or no trial experience, and counsel involved in those cases certainly know that. Clients face an unfair disadvantage when the opposition knows that their counsel will not or cannot handle a complex trial.On the other hand, we are trial lawyers, and our opponents fully understand the consequences of going to trial against us. We have handled some of the most sophisticated trials in the country that involve complex commercial and corporate issues. Our opponents fully appreciate that if they decide to go the distance, they will face a formidable and powerful trial team. We believe that these circumstances provide our firm with a value added advantage with resolving these civil disputes.